Controlling the quality of feed, water and soup

Regardless of the physiological stage considered, control of the quality of the various feeding inputs (water, feed) contributes greatly to the attainment of farmers’ technical and economic objectives. Acidification is an excellent means of achieving this control. The use of acidifier complexes enables limitation of the development of pathogenic flora in feeds and/or in water, optimising digestive function by promoting beneficial acidophilus bacteria.

acidifiers vitacid

Whether used in water, raw materials or feed, acidifiers ensure good support, circuit and animal hygiene.

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Vitalac is a pioneer in acidification in pig farms. The range which has been developed provides a response to several problems encountered:
– Conservation, digestibility of proteins and digestive safety (Digestable)
– Drinking water acidifiers (Liquid Vitacid HP), dry feeds (VitacidEx dry) and soups (Liquid Vitacid soup)
– Conservation of cereals on the farm (Fongi-Protect)

Acidifier complexes are designed according to the physical and chemical parameters of each water source (analysis in our laboratory and establishment of a dose curve).

The range of acidifier complexes comes in powder or liquid form and in various types of packaging.