Mycotoxin binders

Mycotoxins binders

Fungal contamination and/or the presence of mycotoxins in raw materials and feed is one of the factors impeding successful pig farming (fertility, prolificity, immunity, growth, feed efficiency, etc.).

Within the framework of a mycotoxin quality control on raw materials, co-products or feeds, Vitalac designs and manufactures specialities for managing “mycotoxin” risk: MycoProtect and VitaMyco.

Pig conditioners

In order to provide the piglet with comfort and hygiene during birth, Vitalac offers a bedding conditioner: CleanSec.

Nutritional supplements

Vitalac provides a range of nutritional supplements under the Karno brand, for very specific problems (splay-leg, fecundity, etc.).

Karnolab supplément nutritionnelles