Controlling piglet weaning

Weaning is a time of significant stress for the piglet. Its success depends on the conditions under which it is carried out (comfort, temperature, humidity, availability of water and feed). Feed consumption after weaning will be influenced by the quantity previously consumed during suckling (Lactarine, Carélac and Mailac).

– Getting piglets to consume as soon as possible after weaning to minimise post-weaning loss of appetite, responsible for digestive problems: enteric colibacillosis, oedema, under-consumption.
– Securing digestion: Controlled formulation, protein level, digestibility of nutrients, drinking water and feed acidification, pre- and pro-biotics, etc.


Successful weaning is based on a suitable pre-starter/first-stage programme for a good start to consumption and control of digestion.

First-stage feeds (Glutamix, Sevramix and Optimix programme) provide transition from a milk diet to a cereal-based diet and optimise growth by controlling digestive difficulties.
2nd-stage feeds (Stantor, Mélior, etc.) promote growth and muscular build-up to develop carcass quality.
Lactarine is a feed designed for the early weaning of supernumeraries.
Vitalac solutions for piglets are available in the form of supplements (10 to 50%) and complete feeds.