Managing and optimising hyperprolificity in sows

portée truie - porc

The sow’s feeding regime should enable improvement in the weight and quality of piglets at birth, essential for good growth during the suckling period to attain an optimal weaning weight.

The Nutritech (Gestatec and Lactatec) programme has been designed to anticipate and meet the specific needs of hyperprolific sows, in order to obtain piglets which are heavier (weight at birth), stronger (more live births), and more homogeneous.

Gestatec-Lactatec complementarity meets the demands of precision nutrition. The needs specific to each phase of the sow’s cycle are covered to improve the following criteria:
– Embryo quantity and quality
– Immune status of the sow
– Weight and vitality of piglets at birth
– Quality of colostrum for immunity transmission
– Starting and continuation of milk production (consumption during maternity)
– Preparation of piglets for weaning
– Mating (weaning-oestrus interval)

The Nutritech programme comes in the form of complete feeds, supplements, minerals and premixes.