Vitalac is an expert in farmed animal nutrition and provides solutions for poultry farmers for every stage in their birds’ lives. Our professionals will help you find the right poultry feed for meeting your production objectives. Stimulating breeding, improving egg and meat quality…discover our premixes, with vitamin and mineral supplements and concentrated for your farming needs.

Formulation and manufacture to order

Vitalac offers poultry farmers a complete offer and a wide range of nutritional solutions in the form of premixes and VMS (vitamin and mineral supplements) that are tailored to your animals’ specific needs. Micronutrition means that your poultry can get the crucial intake they need for each critical phase of farming. The objective is to optimise performance and guarantee healthy poultry. This is achieved via:

  • A suitable formulation
  • The use of top-quality raw materials
  • Technical support and on-site formulation
  • Formulae aimed at high genetic potential

Because every farm is different, Vitalac’s animal husbandry experts, nutritionists and veterinarians are at your disposal to offer you a tailor-made solution to your problems. Boost the performance of your poultry farm with Vitalac.

Controlling poultry feed

In order to provide optimal nutritional intake, extensive familiarity with breeding and the metabolism of the animal is essential. To enable it to offer farmers the best in animal feed, Vitalac is composed of teams of dedicated experts in the field. You will receive advice from professionals that takes full account of the reality of work in the field, to optimise portions for your hens and other poultry.

The solutions available for industrial companies, farm feed manufacturers and farmers include several top-quality premixes rich in vitamins, oligoelements, enzymes and microelements. Our staff in Brittany have also perfected VMS suitable for the specific needs of poultry.

These products will ensure that your farmed poultry will have sufficient mineral and amino acid intake, while still taking your main objectives into account. In order to improve the immune system, boost reproduction and obtain a higher-quality product, it is sometimes necessary to use food supplements for poultry.

Make sure every stage of your poultry farming operation is under control thanks to Vitalac’s expertise. We can offer raw materials of excellent quality that will meet the nutritional requirements of your poultry: chicks, first brood and more. Give your animals the absolute best in nutrition. Trust Vitalac, the standard for animal feed in France and internationally.

Poultry nutritional program - premixes