Milk-replacer feeds

Calf - milk replacer feeds

In addition to its liquid diet based on milk products, it is important that the calf always has clean water, a source of fibre (ideally straw) and a concentrated solid feed.

Increasing numbers of dairy farmers are deciding not to feed their calves with whole milk, for practical, financial and health reasons.
Kalvolac: top-of-the-range milk powder, rich in caseins (cheese curd protein) and supplemented with lactoferrin which binds iron and plays an antimicrobial role in the digestive tract
Calf Protect: Feed supplement diluted in water to prevent digestive diarrhoea in calves

Effects of Kalvolac and Calf Protect:
– Securing of digestion (diarrhoea)
– Growth optimisation

Calf feeds

Calf digestion in the first few weeks of life is “monogastric”: its rumen is not yet functional, and milk is only digested in the abomasum. To turn the young calf into a high-performance ruminant, it is necessary to rapidly ensure that it consumes a solid feed which is palatable and digestible, which will get its rumen started, in order to ensure weaning in complete safety.
Ruminostart: 1st stage, with extruded proteins and cereals
Vitavo: 1st/2nd stage feed, highly palatable, with a secure formula (slow starch, high fibre content, buffer)
Vitabov Growth: 2nd stage feed, ideal for a dry ration diet with straw.

feed for calf

Calf weaning can be decided on the basis of two criteria, regardless of age: the size of the animal (90-100 kg live weight, or 105 cm girth) and dry feed intake (the calf should ingest 2 kg/d.

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