A production tool dedicated to minerals

Production factory, mineral for ruminant

The Vitalac factory in Carnoët (Côtes d’Armor) has an industrial line dedicated to manufacturing and packaging mineral supplements.

Minerals represent Vitalac’s core business. Our formulas are designed by nutritionists and veterinarians, and evolve according to the needs, constraints and objectives of the farmers on the ground. With the Carnoët factory, Vitalac has a responsive and efficient industrial tool, equally capable of manufacturing to order or in large batches. These minerals are offered in:
– 25 kg bags
– 500 kg and 1 t big bags
– bulk

A mineral analysis of feed

Vitalac’s mineral range is composed of an entry-level range, Vitaform, a more enriched range, Vitaform HP, and a “custom” solution, Vitacarte. The Vitalac technician can perform a calculation to choose the most suitable formula in terms of macro-elements (Phosphorous, Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium), trace elements (Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Iodine, Cobalt and Selenium) and vitamins (A, D3, E), in accordance with, in particular, the profile of forages and adjusters, and the farm’s production objectives.

Mineral formulas available

mineral analysis

* values are given as % for Phosphorous / Calcium / Magnesium

Optional extras available for all mineral formulas:

– Live yeast
– Biotine
– Protected methionine
– Yucca
– Chelated trace elements

A custom mineral range

Mineral supplementation for ruminant

Vitacarte is a single product for use in the stall (mineral + buffer). It is handy, safe and cost-effective!

Vitalac is a pioneer in custom minerals for farmers, with the Vitacarte range. Handy, cost-effective and safe, Vitacarte offers an all-in-one mineral and buffer product. A feed calculation will be used to choose the most suitable formula.

Mineral vitacarte