Nitrogen adjusters

raw material

As in pig farms, the use of raw materials is developing in cattle farms as a way of reducing feed costs. It is also more transparent!

Increasing numbers of cattle farmers are turning to raw materials such as rapeseed and/or soya cakes to adjust the energy levels in their feeds. They are very often motivated by economic reasons, as well as technical ones. Vitalac offers:
– pure rapeseed or soya cakes and other raw materials on request (e.g. soya husk)
– 70/30, 50/50 pure cake mixes (Vitaprotéines range)

Option of adding urea, minerals, and potential granulation. Upwards of 2.5 t, deliveries are made by tanker truck. Cover in the form of a contract enables farmers to make provisions for the future when the markets are most favourable and to anticipate part of their feed costs rather than bear them later.

Commercial products

Developing the use of raw materials (soya and rapeseed cakes) led Vitalac to expand its range with commercial products for cattle farmers engaged in on-farm feed production. Vitalac thus offers farmers:

– Urea, in the form of Carburée (80% urea) or Carburetard (protected urea with slow release into the rumen)
– Magnesium in the form of oxide or chloride
– Sodium bicarbonate (BicarZ)
– Salt (rock or sea) in bags or lick blocks
– Calcium in the form of carbonate and lithothamnium, etc.

Most of these ingredients are packaged in 25 kg bags.

Matières premières bovins

To meet the needs of the on-farm feed production strategy used by many cattle farmers, Vitalac offers a whole range of commercial products: from urea to lithothamnium, by way of bicarbonate, etc.

Production feeds

robot alimentation - ruminant

Individually supplementing cows at the beginning of lactation with a specific feed very often enables better milk peak expression, while also preserving the animals’ fat cover.

In dairy production, the vast majority of nutritional inputs are provided in the stall. However, to support the significant needs of the strongest producers, some farmers make use of production or DC feeds. Vitalac offers the Vitabov range:

– Production feeds with 18 to 24% protein (total nitrogenous matter)
– Incorporation of protected fat on request to increase energy level
– Option of mineralisation

Vitalac’s factory in Carnoët offers farmers the option of producing custom feed formulas to meet a specific need.

Bypass protein and energy supplements

Highly productive dairy cows have very significant energy and protein needs. By providing part of the energy and protein sources in protected or bypass form, it is possible to optimise feed efficiency.

Vitalac offers a range of supplementary feeds (ByPass Pro 3.5L, 6L, 7L and 8L) formulated with soya cake protected by non-enzymatic browning, protected fat and delayed urea.

Effects of the ByPass pro range:
– Increase in protein digestible in the intestine
– Bypass lysine intake
– At the recommended dose, enables an increase in milk production of 2 to 3 L/DC/d

Matières grasses protégées - ruminant

The protection of proteins by non-enzymatic browning depends on a controlled Maillard reaction, which enables an increase in protein digestible in the intestine of dietary origin.