Ration calculation

Feed should be adjusted in line with observation of the animals and zootechnical results. However, to provide an overall understanding, Vitalac has developed very powerful formulation software which is unique in its field, known as RumiVita, enabling technicians to calculate the milk potential of the feed with regard to energy and nitrogen, and to analyse content in terms of minerals (Phosphorous, Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Chloride), trace elements (Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Iodine, Cobalt and Selenium) and vitamins (A, D3, E).

logiciel calcul ration - bovins

The software developed by Vitalac allows a mineral analysis of the feed to be drawn up, and guides the choice of the most appropriate mineral formula.

Rumivita enables calculation of:
– Milk production covered by energy (FU) and nitrogen (total nitrogenous matter, PDI-N,-E,-A)
– Feed efficiency
– Anion-cation balance
– Feed safety level with regard to acidosis = % fibres, % NDF, % ADF,
% non-structural carbohydrates
– Feeding cost and margin on feeding cost

Forage analyses

To be able to adjust the herd’s feed as closely as possible, it is essential to know the nutritional characteristics of the main forages of which it is composed. Vitalac, through the intermediary of a partner laboratory, offers farmers a nutritional analysis of silages, bales and hays, notably including digestibility measured in an artificial rumen and a mineral analysis of the forage. Armed with this precise information, our technicians will be able to make a feed calculation closely matching real needs in order to choose the most suitable solutions. Vitalac can also place farmers in contact with a specialist laboratory should they wish to carry out a mycotoxin analysis on their forage.

maïs - silo - élevage

Knowing the physical, chemical and nutritional characteristics of forages (dry matter, total nitrogenous matter, starch, feed units, protein digestible in the intestine, minerals) is essential for adjustment of the herd’s feed.

Global farm audit

Global farm audit

Perfoming a complete audit of your system provides an overview and enables identification, with the help of an external expert, of areas for rapid improvement.

Vitalac, thanks to the expertise of its technical manager and veterinarian Philippe Arzul, carries out over 150 farm audits per year. These audits are often motivated by chronic pathologies (mastitis, high cell counts, fecundity problems, excessive mortality, under-production, etc.). This is a paid service, for which a price quotation will be drawn up. The work, which takes place over the course of a half-day, enables the provision of a precise diagnosis and the proposal of solutions compatible with the farming system. A written report covering all the points brought up during the audit is submitted to the farmer and a follow-up visit is carried out within one to three months.

Following the audit, some farmers will take out a regular herd monitoring contract which involves 2 to 4 visits per year and continuous telephone contact.