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Vitalac: trust the animal nutrition specialist

Vitalac is a Breton company that has become a reference in terms of animal feeds formulation. Thanks to its long experience in the field, as close as possible to your preoccupations as farmers, Vitalac is an animal feed wholesale supplier for ruminants, pigs, and poultry. Thus, teams of multidisciplinary experts work to create high‑quality products such as feed supplements for animals in line with your livestock farming needs.

Animal feed wholesale supplier for ruminants

Farms concerns are at the heart of the animal feed manufacturing process. Since your farm is unique, your animal’s needs are too. Find high‑quality products perfectly adapted for your dairy cows to foster good health and a healthy production. Discover a selection of products that are suitable for each stage of the cow’s life: stimulating the mother’s appetite, optimizing the amino acid intake of the suckling cow…

Animal feed wholesale supplier for pigs

Vitalac understands the concerns of farmers who grow their own natural animal feed (on-farm feed production). This is why the Breton producer offers you innovative solutions for the hygiene and health of your farm: personalized advice for each farmer, nutritious feed formulated à la carte… With Vitalac micronutrition, increase the quality of your production.

Animal feed wholesale supplier for poultry

To ensure the good health of your poultry, find a large choice of products adapted to all professionals: mineral and vitamin supplements, acidifiers… A well thought out animal feed enable an optimization of your production. It also ensures your poultry’s good health.


Vitalac company - animal nutrition specialist & animal feed wholesale supplier

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