There is meaning behind each action

For over 30 years, Vitalac has been consistently commitment to healthier, more natural and more effective solutions for high-performance farms.

And we work on this commitment by being as involved as possible, with due regard for our employees and with the aim of moving towards an agriculture that continually aims to be respectful and sustainable.

It is our responsibility to continue towards this goal. And as a company in France with international reach, we must measure our global impact.


Gilbert Le Calvez president vitalac

A long-standing sense of commitment

Vitalac has always had a long-standing sense of commitment. In the 1990’s, we invested in a research programme to find an alternative to the antibiotics used at the time in piglet feed. We were ahead of our time in this field and we can be proud to have been at the forefront of a range of organic acids recognised today as a genuine alternative for the health of young animals in particular.

Gilbert Le Calvez

A CSR approach to formalise our actions and to go further

At Vitalac, we are committed to and aware of our responsibilities. We have recently adopted a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach in order to formalise our commitments on the territorial, social, economic and environmental levels. This allows us to strengthen our course of action and work on a day-to-day basis for continuous improvement.


 "This approach has a very strong structuring impact and, as a result, our customers will be able to better understand who we are and what we do." Julien Le Calvez, Managing Director.


There are several topics that guide our actions and our innovations towards developing solutions focused on our commitments: animal health animals, the well-being of both the animals and farmers, performance, feed efficiency, self-sufficiency, reduced antibiotic use, connection to the land, protein autonomy, food safety, etc.

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