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Programmes developed
for each specific type of production

Whether it’s broilers, laying hens, or breeding flocks, nutrition should meet the specific needs for that type of production. It is also necessary to consider the specificities of each physiological stage within the same type of production - a growing chick doesn’t require the same intake as a chicken in the finishing phase. You can give animals the right nutrition they need at the right time with Vitalac’s feeds, minerals and nutritional products.

It’s important to prepare feed that is specific to poultry farming. Whether you’ve got laying hens, broilers or breeder flocks, each stage requires careful preparation and a re-evaluation of the nutrient content. A poor egg production curve? Problems with pododermatitis? Loose droppings? Vitalac has solutions for all these issues.


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Flexibility and quickness


Vitalac is committed to keeping animals healthy through good nutrition and to boosting animal performances with products designed to maximise profit margins. Because we understand that your market and your needs are specific, we’ve developed a broad range of products and knowledge of conditions in the field to respond to all types of contexts with tailored solutions.