Our products for poultry farming


The Vitacid range for poultry

A natural alternative to protect and boost digestive function and reduce the use of antibiotics in poultry rearing. Composed with organic and/or mineral acids, acid salts and medium chain fatty  acids, it can be added to poultry's diet through feed or water. The introduction of an acidifier will act in a targeted and complementary way for poultry's health. Acidifiers complexes will result in improved digestion, increased immunity, reduced mortality, reduced urinary tract diseases...

Mycotoxin binders

Mycotoxin binders for poultry

Safeguard poultry feed with natural solutions that offer long-lasting effectiveness. Natural and effective components for long-term diet control. Mycotoxin sensors are designed to ensure the food safety of your poultry and chicken, to preserve their digestion and their performance level. Incorporate through feed to protect poultry from a broad spectrum of mycotoxins, promote good ingestion and digestibility, reduce health problems, improve growth and reproduction performance.

Nutritional specialties

Nutritional specialties for poultry

Discover our concentrates for treatments designed to target specific and recurring problems on poultry farming. Our nutritional specialties are products that tackle specific challenges during a specific stage of an animal’s life. Vitalac' nutritional specialties can be incorporated in feed ration or water. The use of nutritional specialities is recommended for specific problems such as red lice in laying hens, to stop their proliferation, dehydration, digestive problems and vitamin and amino acid deficiencies. The B6 group of vitamins and amino acids contribute to the body's healthy development and performance. Calcium intake has a number of benefits. For example, it helps to strengthen eggshells and improve egg production in pullets.

Complete, complementary & mineral feeds

Products will be available soon

Discover soon our complementary feed products, that contains essential vitamins and amino acids, to support poultry health during all stages of production.

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Nutrition programmes developed
for each specific type of poultry production

Whether it’s broilers, laying hens, or breeding flocks, nutrition should meet the specific needs for that type of poultry production. It is also necessary to consider the specificities of each physiological stage within the same type of production - a growing chicken doesn’t require the same nutrients as a chicken in the finishing phase. You can give poultry the right nutrition they need at the right time with Vitalac’s feeds, minerals and nutritional products.

It’s important to prepare feed that is specific to poultry farming. Their diets should be rich in feed that can provide essential vitamins, amino acids and minerals for them to thrive in their habitat. Whether you’ve got laying hens, broilers or breeder flocks, each stage requires careful preparation and a re-evaluation of the nutrient intake. A poor egg production curve? Problems with pododermatitis? Loose droppings? Vitalac has solutions for all these issues related to poultry farming.

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Flexibility and quickness


Vitalac is committed to keeping animals healthy through good nutrition and to boosting animal performances with products designed to maximise profit margins. Because we understand that your market and your needs are specific, we’ve developed a broad range of products and knowledge of conditions in the field to respond to all types of contexts with tailored solutions.