VITACID for feed

VITACID is a combination of organic and mineral acids on active vegetal support for complete control of the flora of the digestive tract and better feed preservation. This acidifier in powder form is used in pig and poultry farming to incorporate it into feed to ensure better health control, digestive safety and improve feed efficiency.

VITACID for feed is part of the Vitacid range, your alternative to antibiotics on livestock farms. 

  • Decontaminating effect via a bactericidal action on pathogens
  • Helps preserve feed quality while decreasing its buffering power 
  • Controls the balance of flora in the intestine
  • Stimulates enzymatic activity and protein digestibility
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Lower mortality rates and fewer digestive disorders
  • Prebiotic action in the digestive tract

Presentation: grey/beige powder

Packaging: Jerrycan - Drum - IBC

Sac 25kg VITACID

Digestive safety and feed efficiency

The acidification of the feed has a triple role: the preservation and the palatability of the feed, the control of the bacterial flora of the digestive tract and the improvement of the digestibility of the feed, mainly proteins. The objective is to ensure feed safety and proper nutritional use of the feed for optimal performance.

Combine organic and mineral acids

VITACID is a mix of organic and mineral acids, in free form and acid salts, allowing complementary actions. Each acid will then act at different pH, in immediate or delayed action in order to guarantee an action throughout the digestive tract of the animal. The synergy of the acids that make up VITACID allows a bactericidal and bacteriostatic action against pathogens, as well as the reduction of the buffering power and the pH of the feed.

Stimulation of positive flora and digestion

To stimulate digestion, we use two processes: enzymatic stimulation by controlling the pH for good nutrient availability and stimulation of the cells involved in the digestion process for good absorption. This is why we promote the production of Volatile Fatty Acids (VFAs) thanks to the active support and organic acids of VITACID, they nourish the cells of the intestinal mucosa and the Lactobacilli. This stimulation allows the positive flora to develop at the expense of the pathogenic flora. Combined with the stimulation of epithelial cells, digestion is maximized and digestive disorders avoided.

Recommendations for use

VITACID is incorporated into the feed at a dosage of 2 to 12 kg per tonne of feed depending on its buffering capacity and the physiological stage of the animals that consume it.

  • For the starter feed, it is recommended to use a large dose to help the immature digestion process of young piglets: 10-12 kg/T.
  • For grower and finisher feed, the incorporation is done at a level of 2 to 6 kg/T.

Contact Vitalac Technical Service for a custom dosage.


Sac 25kg VITACID