Our dairy cattle products 

Glucose precursors & Anionic salts

Glucose precursors for dairy cattle

Discover our products designed to help cattle farmers support blood sugar levels and boost performances. Our glucose precursors offer precise solutions for your animal’s needs, especially around the calving period.

Anionic salts

Palatable and effective anionic solutions for safe calving and a good start to lactation. Anionic salts help dairy cows breeders to prevent disorders around the calving period, improve milk production and fertility, improve ingestion and maintain proper body condition and improve colostrum quality.

Rumen-protected amino acids

Amino acids for dairy cattle

Boost the efficiency of protein in rations for high-potential dairy cattle through rumen-protected methionine and lysine. Amino acids allow to : increased fat and protein levels, increased milk production, reduced health issues and metabolic disorders, reduced nitrogen losses, improved gross margin on feed costs...

Milk replacers

Dairy cattle milk replacers

Discover our range of milk powders designed to support the growth and digestive health of young calves. The Genilac range has two essential effects: on the one hand on the growth of calves by doubling their weight between birth and 56 days, on the other hand by neutralising toxins and limiting the risk of diarrhea for the best possible digestive functioning.

Nutritional specialties

Nutritional specialties for dairy cows

Farm-proven concentrates designed to target specific and recurring problems on  dairy cattle : digestive disorders, reproductive problems, deficiencies in trace elements and vitamins, stress, slowed growth, heat stress dehydration...

Grain and ration optimisers

The X range for a fresh approach to protein

 gain in protein autonomy and feed efficiency, make the most of your cereals, and improve your cows' rations. Secure the ration of your dairy cattle by controlling the pH of your cereal and the rumen for better digestion. Reduce your soy and rapeseed intake thanks to the increase in protein allowed by our products.

Mycotoxin binders

Mycotoxin binders for dairy cow

Safeguard dairy cattle rations with natural solutions that offer long-lasting effectiveness. Our mycotoxin binders for dairy cattle consist of natural products such as aluminosilicates and clays. Adsorbent substances bind mycotoxins in dairy cattle feed and neutralize their toxicity. Also, addition of live yeasts boost the natural desactivation capacity of the flora in the rumen.


Preservatives for silages, grains and rations

Our preservatives are used for grass and maize. Indeed, silage is a method of preserving fodder during which preservatives must be added. Preservatives are designed to prevent the development and growth of fungi, moulds and pathogenic bacteria, and boost the performance of your dairy cow's diet.

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Programmes dedicated to each critical phase of the dairy cow's life

A cow’s nutrition requirements change throughout the course of her life. Growing heifers do not require the same ration of nutrients as an adult lactating cow. You can adapt the diet to the physiological stage - for lactating or dry cows, heifers, calves - with Vitalac’s feed, minerals and nutritional products.

It is important to prepare rations that are specifically suited to the different stages of a dairy cow’s life. From the dry period to the restart of lactation to calving, each stage requires careful preparation and a re-evaluation of the nutrient intake. Dairy cattle should consume enough forage material to meet their nutrition requirements. Adding various supplements and additives to the feed can ensure the health and productivity of dairy cattle. The ration evolves during the life of the dairy cow and it is necessary to plan a specific feed plan with a protein, energy and cereal content which will vary according to the objectives or difficulties.

A cow with a loss of appetite, lameness or mastitis? Stressed animal as a result of weaning? Vitalac has solutions for all these difficulties.

Flexibility and quickness 

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Vitalac is committed to keep dairy cows in good health through good nutrition and to boosting herd performances with products designed to maximise profit margins. Because we understand that your market and your needs are specific, we’ve developed a broad range of products and knowledge of conditions in the field to respond to all types of contexts with tailored solutions.