Preservative for liquid feed


Fongistop is a powerful mix of organic acids and minerals applied to complete feeds used in the swill on pig farms. It reduces the counts of fungal and bacterial contaminants.

  • Prevents the formation of moulds and consequently mycotoxins.
  • Controls yeasts and pathogenic bacteria such as enterobacteriacea


Presentation : liquid

Packaging : Jerrycan, drum or IBC

fongistop bidon

Ensures healthy complete feeds for swill 

In pig farming, swill can easily host pathogenic yeast and bacteria. Fongistop’s antifungal and antibacterial actions result from the synergistic effect between the various organic acids and minerals it contains. Upon contact, this preservative prevents the formation of moulds and the production of mycotoxins.





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Our recommandations

for use 

Fongistop is pulverised on sensitive material such as cereals and meat or fish meals. The doses to apply depend on the level of pollution and storage length.