Solutions tailored to each species

Dairy cattle

Our grain and ration optimizers

Vitalac has formulated quality optimizers to add value to cereals and dairy cows rations. These solutions have a positive effect on the milk production performance of dairy cattle and on the level of protein intake. Our optimizers ensure safe feeding, preserve the health of livestock and limit the risk of acidosis.

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Leading-edge facilities devoted to our customers

usine Vitalac
Dynamic investment

A dynamic industrial investment policy

In Carnoët, in Brittany, the historic headquarters of Vitalac, we have state-of-the-art, very modern industrial facilities, in which the company has always invested. In constant evolution, we are continually adapting to market needs. Our industrial resources have expanded along with this growth and we make yearly investments to improve both productivity and efficiency. 

“Vitalac has been able to invest in the right activity at the right time.” Gaylord Thafournel, Industrial Manager

“Manufacturing safety, high-quality products and regular investments make Vitalac a reliable company with forward-looking projects.” Bruno Loaec, Director of Operations


Moyens industriels équipement haut de gamme
High-end equipment

High-performance production facilities

Vitalac knows how to make quality customised products thanks to both its ability to be highly adaptable and to its several production lines. There are two production units at the Vitalac site. The first is dedicated to minerals and premixes and produces 50,000 tonnes per year. The second unit is dedicated to mixing liquids and powders. It was created in 2016, entirely in 316 grade stainless steel. This workshop is one of a kind. The fact that we apply our continuous improvement policy to our material, processes, automation efforts, buildings, production units and storage is what puts us at the cutting-edge of technology. Such advances include a double rotor mixer, micro-dosing, a dense phase pneumatic conveyor to transport materials to avoid any cross-contamination, full automation and a well-suited IT system, etc.

The strength of Vitalac lies in its ability to manufacture an impressive range of products, from premixes to complete feed, including nutritional products. We can be highly flexible with regards to presentation - liquid, powder, granule, crumb, pellet forms - and packaging - from small formats to bulk. This wide diversity must be based on fail-safe organisation and thoroughness. 

“We have high-level technical resources, which means we can provide the very best quality to local farmers, distributors or industrial customers around the world.” Gilbert Le Calvez, CEO

Moyens industriels laboratoire interne analyses
An appropriate in-house analysis laboratory

An appropriate in-house analysis laboratory

Our investment in an in-house laboratory makes us highly reactive. We can therefore fulfil three missions: ensure our quality control plan, support the innovation and development of our products and provide our customers with an analysis service for personalised advice.

Our teams perform physical-chemical, biochemical or bacteriological studies on a daily basis. This represents a continuous investment in advanced equipment, such as XRF-fluorescence which measures mineral micro- and macronutrients or our Near Infrared device which analyses organic compounds (protein, starch, fat).

Moyens industriels poste contrôle automatisme
Process control

A fully automated and computerised system

In 2017, Vitalac implemented a new IT system which gives us control over the entire chain at all times: to enter orders, to make quotes, to plan, buy and manage product stocks and entries, to ensure safety and efficiency as well as a better flow of information internally. And we will carry on with the switch to a paperless system so that we continue to save time with digitalisation.  As all these steps are controlled in-house, Vitalac has optimised its logistics and has demonstrated its high responsiveness in serving its customers in France and around the world.


Système informatisé pour une tracabilite et une gestion des stocks

The site is entirely safe and automated, providing full traceability and reproducibility.

Thanks to our information system, we are able to guarantee the complete traceability of all our products. Working with over 400 different raw materials, the company leaves nothing to chance with a real-time location-based inventory management system (IMS). As soon any material is moved, its bar code is scanned so that it can be fully tracked. Its traceability and inventory management system positions Vitalac as one of the leaders in animal nutrition manufacturers.

Sécurité et Qualité
Safety & Quality

A well-established QHSE strategy

At Vitalac, we have a dedicated Quality and Health/Safety/Environment (HSE) department which monitors the quality of our products, the safety of both our employees and our processes and even compliance with regulations. 

From the moment raw materials arrive on our site up to the final use of our products by our customers, everything is controlled. Samples are taken throughout the chain and analysed in our own laboratory. These analyses ensure the compliance of the incoming raw materials, the homogeneity of the finished products and the absence of contamination; all these criteria guarantee optimal quality and safety.

Our high standards are reflected in the trade-specific certifications we have been awarded, such as OQUALIM and FAMI QS, as well as in our customer satisfaction, something that is a key indicator for us. 

“We have recruited someone whose specific role is to oversee and develop our HSE policy. HSE issues are essential and are a priority at Vitalac. For example, one important objective in the upcoming months is to improve our waste management by developing channels, recycling, returning goods to suppliers and recovering consumables on farms.” Bruno Loaec, Director of Operations