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Supplements & minerals

Supplement formulation

High-quality supplements directly from the manufacturer, and adapted to the challenges specific to your farm.

Mineral formulation

At Vitalac, developing mineral solutions is central to what we do. Reap the benefits of quality pig feeds derived from specific formulations or our range of minerals.

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Programmes dedicated
to each critical stage of your animals’ life

A pig’s nutrient requirements change throughout the course of its life. Growing piglets do not require the same intake of nutrients as a sow in gestation. You can adapt the feed to the physiological stage - for piglets, sows, grower-finishers - with Vitalac’s feed, minerals and nutritional products.

It is important to prepare rations that are specifically suited to the different stages of a pig’s life. Whether animals are in a period of growth, fattening, reproduction, or farrowing, each stage requires careful preparation and a re-evaluation of the nutrient content. Delays in growth? Difficult farrowing? Stressed animals as a result of weaning? Vitalac has solutions for all these difficulties.


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Flexibility and quickness


Vitalac is committed to keeping animals healthy through good nutrition and to boosting animal performances with products designed to maximise profit margins. Because we understand that your market and your needs are specific, we’ve developed a broad range of products and knowledge of conditions in the field to respond to all types of contexts with tailored solutions.