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Get your piglets off to a good, trouble-free start at weaning with the industry standard for starter feeds, one that has been tried and tested for over 25 years.

  • Perfectly supplements sow milk
  • Boosts immune defences for better piglet health
  • Stimulates the digestive system so piglets get the most out of the feed
  • Visible effects on weaning weight and post-weaning growth

LACTARINE IMMUNOTEC is a complete milk replacer feed that meets the nutritional requirements of young piglets for good growth performances at weaning.

Product advantage: LACTARINE IMMUNOTEC can also be used for ultra-early weaning when needed.

Packaging: Bag
Presentation : Flour meal - small pellet 

lactarine immunotec granulé

Boost consumption and protect digestive function for successful weaning

Transitioning from sow milk to 1st-stage feed for piglets requires planning from the very first days of their life. Giving piglets specially formulated feed at this early stage is all the more beneficial for large litters with heightened nutritional needs.


With its composition similar to sow milk, LACTARINE IMMUNOTEC is a very palatable pre-starter feed.

  • Contains highly digestible raw materials
  • Protein-rich
  • Enriched in immunoglobulin
  • Contains chelated trace elements that limit oxidative stress and stimulate the immune system
  • Protected with our acidifiers from the Vitacid range

For further details, refer to the product label or consult with the VITALAC Technical Department

Lactarine immunotec farine aliment complet

Recommandation for use 

Dispense to pre-weaned piglets from 3-4 days of age and in early weaning situations. Dispense LACTARINE IMMUNOTEC ad libitum, on its own and in at least 4 to 5 meals per day.

Our pre-weaning feed can also be dispensed as gruel prepared with clean, warm water.
Provide piglets with water, and refresh it regularly

LACTARINE IMMUNOTEC is an essential part of our piglet feed programmes.

Testimonials in pig breeding 

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Vitalac trials conducted at the sites of our partnering customers showed average gains of + 300 g per piglet at weaning when fed Lactarine Immunotec from 5 days of age.


Jean-Yves Pensivy
Nutritionist Formulation Responsable at Vitalac
élevage porc porcelet en croissance

The product is easy to consume, practical, and nothing is left uneaten.

Pig farmer
In Brittany