Nutritional specialties

Range KARNOLAB for pigs

Developed by Vitalac, this range is comprised of efficient products, as confirmed by the results proven in the field by farmers. These concentrated formulas target the specific and frequent problems that occur on your farms.

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  • STIMUNITY :boosts piglet immunity thanks to a better immunoglobulin (antibody) concentration in sows. Ensures better piglet development during lactation and after weaning. Powder form.
  • SANTURION : helps reduce urinary disorders in sows by preventing the proliferation of bacteria in the urinary tract. Lowers urinary pH and stimulates feed

    consumption. Crystal powder form.
  • KARNO SELIUM : In sows (EU): supports the preparation for oestrus and reproduction in sows. In breeding pigs (outside the EU): avoids Vitamin E and

    Selenium deficiencies which cause locomotor disorders. Powder form.
  • NOYAU NUTRITEC : increases colostrum production in sows and its

    immunoglobulin content, in order to reinforce piglet viability and immunity. Powder form.
  • SOW TONIC : detoxifies the liver, increases the appetite and helps high potential sows to start lactating again. A liver protector that is also suitable for fattening pigs. Powder form.
  • KARNOFLUSH : Sows: flushing before preparation for AI and farrowing as well as during weaning. Gilts: before entering into the gestation phase. Boars: as

    quarterly maintenance. Powder form.
  • KARNO LYTE : helps reduce dehydration. Combination of electrolytes that help

    replenish the reserve of body fluids, rebuild resistance and reduce mortality. Liquid form.
  • KARNO LIVER :helps reduce digestive disorders and decreases fatty liver syndrome via lipotropic agents, which absorb fats. Around farrowing time, sows

    may consume less, the liver then burns the animal's fat reserves in order to produce energy. This metabolic activity can last for a while and create a build-up of triglycerides causing degeneration of the liver. The same thing may happen at the start of lactation. Powder form.
  • KARNO SELEN : contributes to the good growth of animals by stimulating their appetite and strengthening their resistance to stress and pathogens. Helps prevent splay-leg before farrowing and at the end of fattening when muscle problems appear on growing-finishing pigs. Improves the quality of the meat, particularly when using an Omega 3 approach. Liquid form
  • KARNO BOOST : contributes to the healthy development of animals at all stages of their development. Support for growth phases and significant energy mobilisation in the body (reproduction, weaning, stress, etc.) via a complex of 7 vitamins and 18 amino acids. Liquid form.
  • KARNO AD3E : vitamin AD3E helps boost the immune system, reproductive functions and animal health. Liquid form
  • KARNO AD3EC : covers the need for vitamins during periods of intensive production and reinforces the immune system, reproductive function and

    development of the skeleton and muscles. Vitamin C contributes to healing and iron absorption and detoxifies heavy metals. Liquid form.