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Improves the immune quality of colostrum and strengthens the immunity of piglets through the nutrition of gestating sows.

  • Increases immunoglobulin concentration in the colostrum of sows.
  • Ensures a colostrum with better immune quality to boost immune defences of the litter.
  • Better piglet development during lactation and after weaning.
  • Stimunity is a nutritional supplement used to reduce the use of antibiotics. A solution to the challenges of raising hyperprolific sows with less antibiotics, a strategy that requires stronger immune systems in pig farming.

Presentation : powder

Packaging : bag

photo seau produit stimunity

Stimunity, for premium colostrum 

Stimulation, production and transfer of immunity

Stimunity is a careful selection of micronutrients tailored to the physiological characteristics of sows and to the mechanisms at work in immune response.

  • Provides the nutrients needed for immunoglobulin (lg) synthesis
  • Stimulates the mechanisms involved in the production of immunoglobulin
  • Improves the transfer of produced immunoglobulin to colostrum

Stimunity ensures better immunity for piglets during lactation and after weaning.

Piglets get their immunity from the colostrum they ingest from their mothers during the first hours of life. Immunity is not transferred from the sow to the foetus during gestation; piglets are born without immunity. The amount of immunoglobulin they ingest via colostrum will determine their immediate protection (this is referred to as passive immunity) as well as the development of their own immunity (referred to as active immunity). Providing a colostrum with a better immune quality to the entire litter is crucial to piglet survival and performances.

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Stimunity is distributed to gestating sows at a dose of 70 g/sow/day for 21 days before farrowing. It is during those three weeks that the mechanisms involved in producing immunoglobulin and transferring them to the colostrum play out.

Stimunity is a component of Vitalac’s sow feed programme, developed to obtain healthy, growing piglets.