Digestable for feed

DIGESTABLE is an acidifier developed to safeguard feed in pig rearing. Incorporated in the feed and made mostly of organic acids combined with bifdogenic fibres, this product is used as a preventive treatment for better quality control of feed, digestive health and improved feed efficiency.

DIGESTABLE is part of the Vitacid range, your alternative to antibiotics on livestock farms. 

  • Decontaminating effect via a bactericidal action on pathogens
  • Helps preserve feed quality while decreasing its buffering power 
  • Controls the balance of flora in the intestine
  • Stimulates enzymatic activity and protein digestibility
  • Better absorption of nutrients
  • Lower mortality rates and fewer digestive disorders
  • Prebiotic action in the digestive tract

Presentation: grey/beige powder

Packaging: Bag


Safe feed for better digestibility

Acidification of feed impacts livestock nutrition and health in three ways: it preserves the quality and palatability of feed, manages bacterial flora in the digestive tract and improves the digestibility of proteins. The goal is to control the quality of the feed to get the most nutritional value out of it and therefore obtain optimal performances from your animals.

Quality control

Decreasing your feed’s buffering power and pH helps manage the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, thus preserving its safety and quality.

Favour good intestinal flora and digestion

In the digestive tract, the prebiotic effect of fructo-oligo-saccharides (FOS) favours the formation of volatile fatty acids, which feed the cells in the intestinal mucus and lactobacillus. This creates an environment that is more favourable to good gut microbiota and less hospitable to pathogens. Match that with the stimulation of epithelial cells and you get better digestion and avoid digestive disorders.

Recommendations for use

DIGESTABLE should be incorporated into the feed at a rate of 8 to 20 kg per tonne according to the buffering power and physiological stage of the animals. 

It is more advisable to use DIGESTABLE as a preventative treatment against pathogens.