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Optimise rations

There is a direct link between nutrition and your animal’s health and performances. That’s why a well-balanced, stable ration during the lactation period is crucial. Covering your cows nutrient requirements and optimising intakes of amino acids, energy and proteins will prevent deficiencies, keep them healthy and support rumen function and milk production. For this, farmers must work to improve the quality of forage, how it is preserved, its digestibility and its nutritional value. Vitalac supports farmers with recommendations suited to their environment.

Our dairy cattle products 

Grain and ration optimisers & Mycotoxin binders

The X range: XL GRAIN and Rumix

Boost your protein autonomy and feed efficiency, add value to your grains and produce better rations.

Our mycotoxin binders for dairy cattle

Discover our products designed to safeguard the rations of dairy cattle. Natural solutions that offer long-lasting, effective protection.

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Flexibility and quickness 

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Vitalac is committed to keeping animals healthy through good nutrition and to boosting herd performances with products designed to maximise profit margins. Because we understand that your market and your needs are specific, we’ve developed a broad range of products and knowledge of conditions in the field to respond to all types of contexts with tailored solutions.