Preservatives silage


Prepare the best fodder for your rations!

  • Accelerated lactic fermentation for rapid silo stabilisation
  • The silo can be opened as soon as 14 days after harvest 
  • Reduction of dry matter losses by rapid acidification in the silo: gain 5 to 10% additional fodder 
  • Reduces the development of harmful bacteria (butyric acid, enterobacteriaceae, listeria), yeasts and moulds 
  • Protect the face of the silo from overheating
  • Preservation of the energy and protein nutritional values 
  • Better digestibility of grass silage (+ 3% OMD) 

Presentation: powder 

Packaging: 100 g jar

SiloGuard Herbe, organic grass silage preservative

Siloguard, grass silage preservation and organic recycling

The Siloguard Herbe preservative ensures a high-quality grass silage preservation (ray-grass, clover, alfalfa or immature cereals) and optimisation of the nutritional values of fodder for ruminant feed. 

Organic grass silage preservative

  • Suitable for an optimal conservation in silos and wrapped bales
  • Helps silage phases progress faster, enables faster fermentation and provides a reserve of quality fodder available in as soon as 2 weeks
  • Reduces the volume of dry matter (DM) loss up to +10% fodder
  • Limits the heating of the silo face with up to 5 days of stability
  • Reduces the development of harmful bacteria (butyric acid, enterobacteriaceae)


Improves the nutritional quality of fodder for the ration

  • Ensures healthier and more palatable fodder
  • A more digestible and more energetic ration + 3% OMD, + 3% FUL
  • For a boosted production +1 Litre milk/Dairy Cow/day


Siloguard Herbe is a formulation of microbiological additives combining homofermentative bacteria (Lactobacillus plantarum) and heterofermentative bacteria (Lactobacillus buchnerii and Lactobacillus diolivorans).

Siloguard meets safety standards and regulatory requirements and is Usable in Organic Agriculture (UOA).

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Recommendations for use

Siloguard Herbe must be diluted beforehand with water, to reactivate the bacteria, and is sprayed onto the fodder at harvest time using the integrated forage harvester applicator. 

A dry matter content (DM) between 25% and 45% is recommended for optimal efficiency. A 100 g jar of SiloGuard Herbe can be used to treat 50 gross tonnes of grass silage. The SiloGuard formulation is not sensitive to chlorinated water. 

VITALAC provides training and field support for the best use of the SiloGuard treatment. 

The VITALAC laboratory performs thousands of silage analyses per year = these analyses systematically include the fermentation characteristics: pH, lactic, acetic and butyric acids