Expert interview :

Philippe Arzul - Head of Ruminant Products at Vitalac

That requires us to have an expert understanding of the farms we work with, their strengths and weaknesses. That's why our technicians and vets conduct very thorough audits of our customers’ farms. We take any number of factors into account, from your feed production to the conditions in your farm buildings, the health of your herd and the manpower available.

We have a whole range of highly-effective tools which we use to compile these audits. First of all, we have very comprehensive feed analyses which look at over forty parameters, including mineral profiles and fermentation properties. We also have a food ration software programme which incorporates the latest innovation from INRA, “Systali.” That allows us to formulate amino acids including lysine and methionine. We take regular blood samples from the animals, before and after calving, in order to assess the energy status of the herd at calving time.

We also conduct microtoxin analyses which enable us to spot food contamination, particularly with corn silage. We also analyse the performance of feed mixers, assessing the fibre profile and homogeneity of the mix.

To give you an example, our products and solutions now make it possible to substantially reduce the nitrogen content of your feed, while boosting animal performance and health and improving feed self-sufficiency, and of course improving your economic performance too.

Interview: Philippe Arzul - Head of Ruminant Products at Vitalac  - registered at the Space 2021 exhibition.