Expert interview : Jean Yves Pensivy - Vitalac formulation manager

The need to reduce medicated supplements and the removal of certain supplements, such as zinc oxide in piglets, has led to an increase in digestive problems that need to be resolved.

We must therefore propose solutions such as Ultimacid that allow us to obtain a balanced digestive flora while limiting the development of pathogenic germs, pathogenic germs of the Gram - type, such as Escherichia coli, which are responsible for colibacillary diarrhoea problems in piglets but also for avian colibacillosis. We must also limit the development of Gram + type pathogenic bacteria, for example Clostridium perfringens, responsible for necrotic enteritis in chickens, but also Streptococcus, responsible for meningitis or lameness in piglets. Faced with this context, we worked on different solutions, based on Vitalac's expertise in acidification.

The Ultimacid trials carried out on farms proved the good efficiency of our products, in particular in the Côtes d'Armor region, a farm conducting weaning at 28 days of age, which was confronted with problems of Streptococcus and Colibacillosis, which led to problems of mortality and diarrhoea, applied a supplementation programme with colistin and amoxicillin. In comparison, we proposed a supplementation of Ultimacid with drinking water at a rate of one litre per cubic metre, the results were particularly favourable, the mortality rate remained very low, i.e. 1% mortality instead of the previous 1.4 and there was an improvement in post-weaning exit weight. On other trials, where mortality levels were higher, reductions of up to 75% in loss rate were seen. For more information, please contact Vitalac for the implementation of the product on farms.

Interview with Jean Yves Pensivy - Vitalac formulation manager - conducted at Space 2021.