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Rumenstimul, improved ration digestion!

  • Improves feed efficiency
  • Stimulates the natural functions of the rumen
  • Improves the digestion of fibres and grains
  • Prevents ruminal acidosis, reduces lactic acid in the rumen

Form: Powder

Packaging: bag


Sac 25 kg Rumenstimul

Ruminal comfort is a source of feed efficiency

One of the factors influencing feed efficiency on cattle farms is organic matter digestibility (OMD) but this is an exacting criterion that depends on the quality of the fodder (very fibrous, burst grains, poor digestibility, acidity) and the health status of the ruminal microbiota in the animals.

Improve ingestion and help improve digestion of the ration

Rumenstimul® is a specific formulation that combines probiotics and enzymes to improve the digestibility of fibres and grains via a dual action: predigestion and stimulation of the natural function of the rumen to better recover energy from the ration. 

Photo illustration: Digestion of the ration leads to good feed efficiency 

  • High fodder digestibility 
  • Fibrosity: limit ruminal acidosis
  • Particle size: accessibility to ruminal flora
démonstration ration

Provide stable digestive comfort for the well-being of the animals and for best performances

The Rumenstimul® formulation improves predigestion by releasing sugars in the ration and helps improve the natural development of ruminal microbiota in order to stimulate the feed digestion process. The microbial ecosystem is conducive to digestive comfort and improves the absorption of nutrients found in the ration.

  • Anaerobic,

  • pH stability > 6,

  • Nutrient supply

Photo illustration: Digestion analysis test by sieving faecal pats to assess the feed efficiency of the ration with Rumenstimul®

Digestion analysis test by sieving faecal pats to assess the feed efficiency of the ration with Rumenstimul® Observations on dairy cow production

Observations on dairy cow production 

  • + 8% feed efficiency
  • Better milk peak
  • Increased milk yield +2.3 kg ECM (kilo of correlated milk)
  • Fewer somatic cells (-50,000/ml)
  • Better faecal pat digestion
  • Decreased sub-clinical ketosis

(*) Vitalac test results - 32 farms/3150 dairy cows


Cattle fattening observations 

  • Increases efficiency (= gain in kg/DMI) +5%
  • Increases the average daily gain +0.1 kg/day
  • Reduces the fattening period -10 days
  • Calmer animals
  • Fewer cases of acidosis
Cattle fattening


RumenStimul® is a feed supplement in powder form, comprised of:

  • Metabolites with an enzymatic effect
  • Live Saccharomyces cerevisiae SC47 yeast
  • Clay - Specific aluminosilicates - Salt - Molasses
  • 6.3% Calcium, 0.3% Magnesium, 2.1% Sodium

Developed by VITALAC nutritionists and manufactured in our factory, RumenStimul® meets safety standards and regulatory requirements.

Recommendations for use

Rumenstimul® is distributed by mixing into the ration based on these recommendations: 

  • Lactating cows: 50 to 75 g/animal
  • Dry cows: 40 g/animal/day
  • Heifers and bull calves: 25 to 30 g/animal/day
  • Sheep/goats: 15 g/animal/day

Upon request, our technical and sales department can provide you with analyses and results from our farmer customers and distributors who have implemented this product.

Rumenstimul is distributed by mixing into the ration