Glucose Precursors


Glycoline® is a mix of glucose precursors and ultra high-performance ingredients. Its highly concentrated formula maintains optimal levels of glucose in diary cows and small ruminants. Glycoline, an iconic product from Vitalac, provides cows with the glucose they need but unfortunately are often lacking.

  • Prevents ketosis and hypoglycaemia.
  • Reduces physiological energy deficits around the calving period.
  • Curbs loss of body condition after calving.
  • Increases milk production at the peak of lactation.
  • Prepares for the resumption of ovarian cyclicity and ensures fertility.
  • Contributes to healthy immune function.
  • Reduces the effects of heat stress.
  • Fosters good visiting rates to the trough and feed robot.
  • Muscular tonicity in cows.

Presentation : Liquid, powder or pellet of 6mn

Packaging : bag, can, barrel, GRV 

Precurseur glucose Glycoline

Increase and support blood glucose levels 

The primary objective is to raise blood glucose levels to prevent ketosis, which can have serious repercussions:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Displaced abomasum
  • Weight loss during the first month of lactation
  • Unattained lactation peak, lack of persistency in milk production
  • Delayed oestrus, poor fertility
  • Decreased immune response

Glycoline® offers an effective, rapid and cost-effective solution for fighting energy deficits in cows. It stimulates the appetite by supporting blood glucose levels via reduced blood ketones. The rate of milking robot visits increases and calving/first oestrus intervals improve.


A unique formula for a boosting effect 

Glycoline® has real added value compared to your basic glucose precursors. Our product is a mix of precursors that, when blended, have an extremely effective synergistic effect. What are the advantages of glucose precursors compared to sugars? Sugars feed bacteria in the rumen and are not glycogenic. Glucose precursors feed the cow and are converted into glucose in the liver. Glycoline® also contains specific vitamins with targeted actions to ensure healthy functioning rumen flora and to rid the body of ketones.

Glycoline® is formulated with glucose precursors (predominately in MPG) that have different effects and actions over time. Glycoline® is a unique formulation of precursors, acting either immediately for quick assimilation or more slowly for a gradual increase in blood glucose levels, which makes it specially suited to the needs of ruminants around the period of calving and during intense heat.



Brebis et son agneau

Prevent the harmful effects of heat stress 

Glycoline® has shown to be extremely effective in managing metabolic stresses, notably heat stress.

Cows suffer quickly from increases in the temperature of their environment, and this happens at an even faster pace if the degree of humidity is high. For cows, we use the term thermal discomfort when the temperature reaches 20°C and the level of humidity surpasses 50%. 20°C at 90% humidity = 35°C at 17% humidity!

What are the direct effects of heat stress on herds? A spike in body temperature, hyperventilation, and decreased ingestion, thus milk production. Blood glucose levels are always low during warmer temperatures. Less glucose means less lactose is produced by the udder, in other words less milk.

The glucose precursors in Glycoline® increase blood glucose levels in cows, which stimulates their appetite and supports production, even when temperatures rise. Niacin increases heat tolerance.


vache stress chaleur souffrance


Developed by VITALAC nutritionists and manufactured in our factory, Glycoline® is available in liquid, powder and pellet form (6mm depending on the type of Glycoline). It meets safety standards and regulatory requirements (GMO < 0.9%).

  • Mono propylene glycol, sorbitol, glycerol and sodium propionate
  • Cobalt
  • Niacin


Précurseur glucose

Our recommendations

for use

For dairy cows, sheep and goats.

Recommendations for use:

  • Mix in or add to the ration,
  • In the milking robot or automated concentrate feeder,
  • In the milking robot or automated concentrate feeder,

As preventive treatment for 2 to 3 weeks before calving and for a minimum of 25 days after calving.

As a curative treatment in the event of diagnosed ketosis: 5-day treatment during the 6-week period after calving.


Glycoline Green, 

your 100% plant-based MPG solution

Vitalac has also developed a green, 100% plant-based Glycoline®. It is made with MPG* from plant origins (derived from the processing of vegetable oils).

The quality and effects of Glycoline® Green are identical to our traditional Glycoline®. The synergistic effect of the glucose precursors in this product reduces ketones, and thus ketosis. The efficacy of Glycoline® Green has been proven on livestock farms: blood analyses show decreases in ketones and increases in blood glucose levels.