Safeguard and add value to your complete ration!

  • Neutralise the acids in your silages to prevent ruminal acidosis 
  • Savings in proteins
  • Stimulation of rumen flora with increased proteins of microbial origin 

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Protein autonomy

and feed efficiency

Rumix³® safeguards the corn- or grass-based silage ration of dairy cows and beef cattle and contributes to better feed efficiency by improving the nutritional quality of the ration and the digestibility of fodder.

Effects and advantages observed on farms

  • More stable rumen pH (the pH of the complete ration increases by 1 to 2 points, and reaches close to the optimal pH of the rumen 6.2)
  • Better ruminal flora yield and increased microbial proteins 
  • Better rumination
  • Better digestion, more homogeneous faecal pats

Savings and production performances

  • Improves the gross margin on feed costs - Fewer concentrates need to be purchased
  • Increased production + 1 kg milk on average
  • Lower cell counts, a sign of better digestive health
  • Limited risk of acidosis, the fat and protein levels in the milk are maintained 
Elevage ruminants, vaches laitières et allaitantes

Safeguard the corn and grass silage ration

A cow that ingests 16 kg DM via grass and corn silage per day will have 1.5 kg of pure acid in the rumen, or the equivalent of 30 L of vinegar per day. This leads to significant decreases in the rumen pH which has a negative effect on bacterial activity, especially cellulolytic flora which digest plant fibres. 

When mixed in the ration, the Rumix3 formulation neutralises acids (lactic and acetic) to form ammonium salts (lactates and acetates). The ration is thus alkanised and the related buffering agents act to maintain a stable pH. 

(*) August 2021 test results – Vitalac

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Rumix - pH Ration evolution - Test results

Stimulate microbial protein synthesis in the rumen

Ammonium salts are an excellent source of degradable nitrogen for rumen bacteria which will be able to produce more PDIM proteins. 

Given that the rumen pH is more stable, the digestibility of the total ration is improved. 

This supply of degradable proteins in the rumen: 

  • Allows to save part of the protein cakes and to replace urea
  • Source of GMO free proteins
  • Free up space in the ration to add more starch along with more corn silage or more cereals

(*) August 2021 test results- Vitalac

Rumix - Evolution of nutritional quality on the total mixed ration  - Test results


Developed by VITALAC nutritionists and manufactured in our factory, Rumix³® is a powder (flour meal) formulation and GMO-free, comprised of food-grade urea, processing agents and enzymes. Rumix3 is GMO-free (< 0.9%) and meets safety standards and regulatory requirements. 

Rumix³ nutritional values

124% crude proteins

0.5 FUL

50 g PDIA / 660 g PDIN / 65 g PDIE

9% Magnesium 

2% Calcium

Rumix³ equivalence in crude proteins 

  • 350 grammes of Rumix3 is equivalent to 1.4 kg of rapeseed cake or 1 kg of rapeseed + 50 g of urea
  • 350 grammes of Rumix3 is equivalent to 1 kg of soybean cake or 0.7 kg of rapeseed + 50 g of urea
  • Upon request, we can provide you with the Safety Data Sheet (Rumix SDS)

Our recommandations for use 

Important prerequisites: 

  • For perfect homogenisation, Rumix³® must be incorporated in a ration using a feed mixer 
  • Thus, the ration must contain silage with a suitable humidity level for optimal results.

The use of Rumix³® is strictly limited to dairy, suckler and fattening cows

  • The recommended dose is 200 to 400 g/d/DC 
  • There must be a 10 to 15 day transition period

VITALAC provides training and field support for the best use of Rumix³®.

The silage analyses carried out by VITALAC can be used to quantify the acids and therefore to specify the optimal dose of Rumix³ to buffer the pH of the complete ration

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