Mycotoxins binder


Vitabiocell® is used mixed with the ration to protect ruminants from single or multiple mycotoxin contaminations with high-dose mycotoxins. Vitabiocell® is a unique selection of mycotoxin and yeast binders, with specific properties for the best feed safety and efficiency in livestock farming.

  • Capture and neutralise a broad spectrum of mycotoxins
  • Stimulate intestinal immunity and its ability to inactivate mycotoxins
  • Promote good ingestion
  • Stimulating rumen flora and digestion
  • Reduce health problems
  • Improve dairy and reproductive performance

Presentation: powder 

Packaging: 25 kg bag

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More safety by combining binders with broad spectrum agents

The VitaBiocell® results have been shown to be efficient in terms of capturing and binding the most widespread mycotoxins and limiting harmful effects on animal health. Besides the fact that each mycotoxin is dangerous in and of itself, there is a synergy between them. When several mycotoxins are present simultaneously, the effects they have on health and performances are multiplied.

Naturally help digestive and rumen function

When fodder and cereals are contaminated with mycotoxins, this can result in, among other things, decreased energy efficiency, decreased ration palatability and with time they may have risky effects on the health of the animals. For this reason, the VitaBiocell® formulation contains live yeasts in order to stimulate the development of rumen flora and to naturally degrade mycotoxins, in support of good digestive and rumen functioning.

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Analyse fodder and raw materials and act against mycotoxins in the ration

Fodder analyses provide in-depth knowledge of the nutritional characteristics of the silage, wrapped bales and hay, and are used to adjust the herd's ration as accurately as possible. In addition, mycotoxin analyses evaluate the risks of the ration in order to provide advice as to which approach should be adopted depending on the level of contamination, synergies and toxicity thresholds. Using these very precise data, Vitalac technicians calculate the ration so as to propose a formulation that is adapted to the farm’s needs and goals.

  • Trichothecenes: decreased ingestion, digestive disorders (diarrhoea, ulcers, intestinal bleeding), decreased production, impaired immune system
  • Zearalenones (and metabolites): “Oestrogen-like” syndrome, infertility, embryonic mortality, ovarian cysts, decreased sperm quality, prolapse of the vulva, udder formation in non-pregnant heifers
  • Fumonisins: liver and kidney toxicity, nerve degeneration, impaired immune system, decreased intake and production
  • Aflatoxins: 
  • Ochratoxins: 

Photo illustration: 100% of samples contaminated with 2 to 6 families of mycotoxins, 80% of which have exceeded the zootechnical effect thresholds. (2021 source: Vitalac database - 5000 analyses)


Developed by VITALAC nutritionists and manufactured in our factory, VitaBiocell 3000® comes in powder form: 

  • Aluminosilicates,
  • Yeast walls,
  • Live yeast
  • Liver protection
  • Trace minerals (Zn, Co)

VitaBiocell® meets safety standards and regulatory requirements (GMO < 0.9%).

Recommendations for use

VitaBiocell® is distributed by mixing into the ration for only these species listed below and as per these recommendations: 

  • Ruminants (cattle, goats, sheep): 4 g/kg of ingested DM 
  • Adult dairy cows: 100 to 125 g 
  • Heifers around AI and dry cows: 50 g 
  • Adult small ruminants: 20 g