Nutritional specialties


Vitaliver is a supplement feed that provides animals with high production potential with the essential elements to support their liver.

Punctual treatment with Vitaliver allows to 

  • Help protect the liver of cows through detoxification 
  • Help drain the liver
  • Help boost the appetite
  • Helps cows to start lactating again for increased milk production


Conditionnement : 25 kg bag

Présentation : 3.2 mm pellets on a high-quality cereal-based support combined with rumen protected sources allowing for gradual degradation in the rumen and uptake at the right time in the digestive tract.

Seau de Vitaliver

Our recommendation for use

For adult dairy and fattening cattle and for small ruminants.

Vitaliver is mixed into the ration. It is particularly recommended at the end of gestation and at the start of lactation. It is also ideal following a difficult feed transition, after a phase of weight loss in the herd and during the winter to boost the appetite.