Nutritional specialties


VITADRENCH is a supplement feed for dairy cows post-calving. It acts as an effective booster that increases overall energy and helps prevent post-partum hypocalcaemia. It is also ideal for sluggish cows.

Distribute VITADRENCH to 

  • Rehydrate 
  • Stimulate the body
  • Help prevent post-partum hypocalcaemia


Conditionnement : 10 kg bucket

Préparation : Powder form

Guardian Core 3 kg bucket

Our recommendation

for use

VITADRENCH is diluted in hot water (35-40°C)

VITADRENCH is administered using a drenching pump or by letting the cow drink as much as she wants if given immediately after calving. It is possible to drench the cow again 24 hours later.

Vitalac proposes Drench mate, the ideal tool for dispensing Vitadrench.

It is recommended to add liquid GLYCOLINE into the mixture for better ketosis prevention.