Anionics salt


A unique, palatable and effective liquid anionic solution for easier and safe calving.

  • Reduced risk of calving disorders related to hypocalcaemia, ketosis, mastitis
  • Improved ingestion
  • Improved start in lactation and milk production
  • Improved colostrum (milk) quality and quantity

Presentation: Liquid and powder

Packaging: Drum, IBC, bag

Fût 237kg - GLYCANION

Control the preparation of calving

Safeguard calving to contribute towards a high-performance peak of lactation

Glycanion® is a dry ration feed supplement. It is in liquid form, and is a reliable and palatable solution that contains anionic salts and glucose precursors for optimal calving preparation. The incorporation of Glycanion into the feed ration safeguards the health of dairy cows and heifers by preventing the metabolic and nutritional risks associated with calving and improves performance at the start of lactation.

Prevent the risk of hypocalcaemia 

Calcaemia affects milk production. During the calving period, 50% of dairy cows, both multiparous and primiparous, will experience hypocalcaemia to a certain extent and for varying periods of time. 

Based on this observation, the calcium levels must be regulated to ensure the good health of dairy cows as well as a good start during lactation. The anionic salts contained in the Glycanion® formulation make it possible to reduce the drop in calcium levels observed around the calving period. The blood calcium level (> 85 mg/L) is optimal and to meet the needs in calcium for milk production. Health problems related to low calcium levels are also reduced: Milk fever, placental retention, metritis, weak appetite, displaced abomasum, ketosis. 

VITALAC study – 2020 calcaemia & colostrum test results

15 partner farms - Samples from 536 dairy cows 

Graph: Cumulative milk production at 60 days

Glycanion, chronic subclinica hypocalcaemia rate

Reduce the energy deficit and avoid the risk of ketosis  

Glucose precursors play a major role during the calving period.

During the last weeks of gestation and the first month of lactation, dairy cows need high levels of energy in the form of glucose, otherwise there is a risk of acetonaemia (or ketosis). Glycanion® is formulated based on Glycoline® precursors, recognised for its effectiveness and palatability. The formulation of glucose precursors prevents energy deficits by supporting blood sugar levels and stimulating appetite. 

Anionic salts and related Glucose Precursors ensure: 

  • Fewer cases of difficult calving
  • Fewer cases of milk fever, placental retention & metritis
  • Reduced ketosis & displaced abomasum
  • Improved colostrum quality & quantity
  • Increased intake 
  • Better starts during lactation

VITALAC study – 2020 calcaemia & colostrum test results

15 partner farms - Samples from 536 dairy cows 

Graph: Colustrum quality results

Glycanion, colostrum quality

Reinforce immunity, prevent mastitis

Vitamin E intake is beneficial to the immune system as it limits disorders and pathologies during this transition period.

  • Fewer cases of mastitis
  • Reduced incidence of placental retention 

VITALAC study – 2020 calcaemia & colostrum test results

15 partner farms - Samples from 536 dairy cows 

Graph: Cumulative milk production at 60 days

Glycanion, cumulative milk production


Glycanion® is a liquid formulation (brown colour - banana odour) comprised of anionic salts, glucose precursors (Glycoline® nucleus) and vitamins, to be incorporated in addition to the dry ration programme.

  • Anionic salts (DCAB -4900 mE/kg RM)
  • Glucose precursors (GLYCOLINE nucleus) 
  • Vitamin E = 2000 mg/kg
  • 5.2% Ca, 2.4% Mg

Upon request, we can provide you with the Safety Data Sheet (Glycanion® SDS)

sels anioniques glycanion vache laitiere

Recommendations for use

The use of Glycanion® is strictly limited to dairy cows. The recommended dose is 200 to 600ml per cow and per day in addition to the calving preparation ration. The dose should be adjusted as per the target urine pH.

  • To be incorporated in the feed mixer - Glycanion® improves the structure of the ration by helping the fine particles stick together
  • In top feeding, to be distributed over the ration using a watering can.

VITALAC provides training and field support for the best use of Glycanion®.