Milk replacer


Genilac Guardian milk powder neutralises pathogens and toxins that calves are very often confronted with from birth: it ensures digestive safety while guaranteeing a high growth potential. 

  • Ensures a significant reduction in the risk of diarrhoea
  • Favours good intestinal flora
  • Improves the ADG (up to 1 kg)
  • Helps to effectively fight stress

Conditionnement : Powder form

Présentation : Bags


Goal: to double the birth weight at 56 days

Genilac Guardian allows for a sufficient quantity of quality protein intake for good muscle development. The minimum target is to reach an ADG of 1 kg during the milk phase over the first eight/ten weeks of the calf’s life.

Toxin neutralisation 

The Guardian Core contained in Genilac Guardian milk powder allows to neutralise pathogens and toxins via multiple actions on the intestine, thereby ensuring the digestive comfort needed to obtain good growth.

This core is made up of a mix of highly important products ideal for calves: 

  • Vitamin E, Chelated trace minerals (Cu/Zn/Fe) and Methionine for optimal immune stimulation.
  • Picchia and Actisaf yeasts for their anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects as we,ll as to stabilise intestinal flora and to neutralise toxins.
  • Iron chelate for its anti-anaemic qualities.
  • Natural immunoglobulins (IgY) to prevent pathogens from binding to the intestinal wall. The IgY–pathogen complex is released in the faeces.

Our recommendation for use

From birth to weaning

  • To be diluted in 55° to 60°C water
  • Optimal liquid feed temperature: between 42 and 45°C

Our technical sales representatives accompany you and provide you with a feed plan in order to implement an effective milk phase suitable for your activities and specific needs.