Milk replacer


GENILAC GOLIATH is an acidified milk powder specially formulated for rearing calves. It contains amino acids and organic acids to ensure high growth while ensuring maximum digestive safety.

Our milk powder GENILAC GOLIATH ensures

  • Better intestinal flora regulation
  • Perfect digestibility 
  • A high protein content for a high growth potential
  • A rapidly available supply of energy

Présentation : Powder form

Conditionnement :  bags


Double the birth weight at 56 days

Because calves are fragile and vulnerable at birth, it is essential to make sure that the calf’s development progresses as it should. It is difficult to later make up for any growth delays occurring between the ages of 0 and 6 months. Its future performances depend on its first months of life.

An acidified milk powder

For good preservation prior to ingestion

The chemical (high buffering power, pH) and bacteriological characteristics of a milk powder render the feed susceptible to the growth of bacteria during storage. The ACIDOMILK acid mixing technology incorporated in GENILAC GOLIATH milk powder ensures maximum preservation and storage. The solution helps reduce microbial contamination without denaturing the product. 

For improved digestive safety after ingestion

At birth, calves are fragile and are therefore subject to significant pathogenic risks. Thanks to its organic acids and essential oils, GENILAC GOLIATH ensures better regulation of calf intestinal flora, excellent digestibility and it works in synergy with endogenous HCl secretions.

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Recommendation for use

From birth to weaning

  • To be diluted in 55° to 60°C water
  • Optimal temperature of the liquid feed: between 42 and 45°C

Our technical sales representatives can accompany you and provide you with a feed plan in order to implement an effective milk phase suitable for your activities and specific needs.