The Genilac range: safe and effective milk replacer

Milk replacer to reduce risks

Of course, feeding rearing calves with farm-produced whole milk offers undeniable nutritional and economic benefits. However, doing so can also carry heavy health risks with sometimes disastrous consequences. Though whole milk is rich in nutrients, it is unstable, and if it is distributed in containers that have not been sanitised, or if it has cells, it can disrupt the calves’ intestinal flora, which are fragile during the first weeks of life. It is difficult to later make up for any growth delays occurring between the ages of 0 and 6 months. Because the production lifespan and future performances of calves depend on their first months of life, Vitalac has developed milk replacers that meet their needs.

Alimentation veaux nutrition

Guaranteed growth and digestibility 

To help farmers avoid all types of bacterial contamination, Vitalac offers a range of milk replacers especially suited to early stage cattle. Thanks to their stable composition free of variation or hygiene risks, our milk replacers meet a two-fold goal: ensure excellent growth for calves by doubling their weight between birth and 56 days (800g ADG up to 10 weeks) and guarantee the best digestive function possible by neutralising toxins and limiting risks of diarrhoea. With their high nutritional values, and made with essential oils and yeasts, our GENILAC range meets the growth objectives and helps care for young animals.