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Karno Red is a natural feed solution that helps control red mites (Dermanyssus Gallinae) on laying hen farms. This solution is added to the drinking water and helps render red mites amorphous. UOA product.

  • The hen’s blood becomes repellent and indigestible for the mites.
  • The mites are unable to feed themselves and to reproduce.
  • Karno Red should be combined with Diamol 100G, a natural solution that helps eradicate red mites.

Conditionnement : 10 kg can

Presentation : Liquid form

Karno red_bidon 1l

The plague of red mites

On laying hen farms, red mites multiply exponentially: in three months the number of red mites increases from 2 to 200 million. Mites can live 9 months without eating, survive up to 35 hours in water and are resistant to heat stress. 80% of farms are infested by this mite (Source: RIPPOC 2013). 

Karno Red helps make the blood of chickens indigestible for red mites, they no longer feed and they become amorphous. The mites fall to the ground and become visible to the naked eye. 

KARNO RED is a very soluble liquid product with no impact on the pipes. Clean as usual.

In case of mite proliferation, Vitalac suggests using Diamol 100G in addition to Karno Red. It is an ecological and natural drying agent made up of diatomaceous earth, a desiccant and drying powder that helps neutralise mites that have been rendered amorphous due to KARNO RED.


Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium chloride, Sorbic acid, mixture of aromatic substances.

Recommendation for use

Treatment with KARNO RED is recommended 

  • When the chickens arrive on the farm, for 4 days
  • At 23 weeks for 2 days
  • At 27 weeks for 2 days
  • Between 42 and 47 weeks for 4 days