The Vitalac Factory
The Vitalac factory

Vitalac takes actions to face Covid-19 Virus

During this unprecedented Covid-19 sanitary crisis, Vitalac devotes its efforts and energy to maintain its activity and remains available to all partners. We quickly set up strict sanitary measures applied by all staff. The health of our partners is a priority and every possible effort is made to allow working in best possible conditions. The presence of drivers and any other external person on-site is secured. During this difficult time, Vitalac also stands in solidarity with Health workers and helps them as much as possible.

We maintain the activity while protecting our employees

Our technical team is more than ever available for you.

Our farm visits are on hold until further notice but the technical team remains available by phone or by email. If you need any information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact them. If you seek for their phone numbers or email addresses, please call 0033 (0)2 96 21 52 78.

All departments are maintained

Most of our employees are working from home but this does not change anything to you. You can call all your contacts to usual phone numbers. We keep working on meeting your expectations especially in this such unusual situation.

On-site, in Carnoët

The factory staff is working under special hours so that the different groups of persons do not cross each other at all. Each administrative person still on-site is working in single offices. All the premises (changing rooms, offices, break-rooms, etc.) are disinfected everyday by an external company. Hydro alcoholic gel, gloves and masks are available to the teams and each person must wash hands very often all day long. Minimum-security distance must also be respected.

Every meetings are organized via Internet and, in case they are hold on-site, there are very few people, at distance from one to another and over a very short-time period.

External staff

Deliveries and maintenance

Every external-to-Vitalac persons can enter the site only after authorization. There is no contact with delivering persons, all parcels are left outside the administrative office. All persons needing to enter the factory for technical reasons are temperature-tested.


Drivers do not enter Vitalac premises. A break-room containing toilets, showers and coffee machine is dedicated to them. Vitalac staff do not have access to this room and it is cleaned everyday by the cleaning company.
Reception times remain unchanged: 8:30 – 17:30 (15:00 for liquid)

All these protective measures are and will remain applied every day during the whole containment period.

Vitalac stands in solidarity to health workers

This sanitary crisis is a shared concern and solidarity is, more than ever, essential. Vitalac supports with its means hospital staff, especially in Côte d’Armor (VITALAC’s region). We offered disposable suits and hats to several nurses’ offices, aid station, social help workers and retirement homes. We also supplied with 200 litres of glycerin and 60 litres of Hydrogen peroxide which have been used to produce 15 000 litres of Hydroalcoholic gel.

Vitalac thank you for your trust and support. Take care of yourselves and families.