Vitalac Is On The Rise

Vitalac is on the rise!

Vitalac’s extension works have started some weeks ago…

For the past 5 years, the expert in Animal Nutrition and Health records a growth from 15% to 20% per year and is now feeling very narrow in terms of space and production capacity. The works will involve a 6.000m2 extension storage and working area, doubling the surface and increasing therefore the production capacity from 60.000 tonnes today to 100.000 tonnes at the end of the works.

The construction site will be acheived in about a year and will allow improving the raw material/finished products storage area and integrating part of the technical products productions (specific powders, liquids, etc.). There will be another set of works later on, increasing our production capacities with a new production line.

Work expenditures will total about 10M€ at the end of the first set plus 3 or 4 million for the new production line.

With its presence over the world that is constantly increasing (exporting today over about 50 countries), Vitalac is proud to be an independent company and to create its specific own products representing its strength and originality. The whole products range is always developed on the spot, according to the breeders needs…