Glucose precursors


Propyguard is a blend of glucose precursors that stimulate the appetite of cows during early lactation. Propyguard offers excellent value, making it a great cost-effective alternative to support blood glucose levels in dairy cows and small ruminants.

  • Increases milk production at the peak of lactation
  • Curbs loss of body conditio
  • Shrinks calving / insemination intervals
  • Specially formulated to increase appetite at the automated concentrate feeder or feed robot.

Presentation : Liquid

Conditionnement : can, barrel, GRV 


Energy booster around the calving period.

Increases and supports blood glucose levels 

Propyguard stimulates the appetite of diary cows and helps prevent ketosis and glucose deficiencies, most importantly at early lactation. There are multiple consequences related to energy deficits:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Displaced abomasum
  • Weight loss during the first month of lactation
  • Unattained lactation peak, lack of persistency in milk production
  • Delayed oestrus, poor fertility
  • Decreased immune response

Propyguard boosts ingestion in cows around the calving period, prevents energy deficits and maintains better body condition after calving.

Breeding dairy cattle

A targeted formula 

Propyguard is specially formulated with glucose precursors that take action in different ways. Its short to long term effects act either immediately for quick assimilation or more slowly for a gradual increase in blood glucose levels. Propyguard increases milk yield at the peak thanks to the energy support it provides cows.



Petits ruminants mouton


Developed by VITALAC nutritionists and manufactured in our factory, Propyguard is available in liquid form.

  • Glycerol, mono propylene glycol, isomaltutose and sorbitol
  • Sodium propionate
  • Cobalt
  • De la Niacine 

Our recommendations for use

For dairy cows, sheep and goats.

Recommendations for use:

  • Mix in or add to the ration,
  • In the milking robot or automated concentrate feeder,
  • In the drinking water using a dosing pump.

As preventive treatment for 2 to 3 weeks before calving and for a minimum of 25 days after calving..

As a curative treatment in the event of diagnosed ketosis: 5-day treatment during the 6-week period after calving.


Propyguard green,

our 100% plant-based MPG solution 

Vitalac has also developed a green, 100% plant-based Propyguard. It is made with MPG* from plant origins (derived from the processing of vegetable oils).