Nutritional specialties


Resistim is a complementary feed for cattle, goats and sheep that supports their natural defences, especially in times of stress and high performance. Resistim contains chelated minerals and a core of a plant complex.

  • Understand winter periods
  • Reduce cells
  • Support natural defences
  • Manage stress during transition periods

Presentation : powder
Packaging:  25 kg bag

sac 25kg rayé orange gris Vitalac

Boost their natural defences!

Fight against oxidative stress

Weather conditions, batch changes, seasonal transitions can have serious impacts on animals and generate oxidative stress with various consequences: digestive disorders, respiratory difficulties, drop in milk production, loss of condition and tone but also increase in cells and metabolic disorders.

- Digestive disorder
- Breathing difficulties
- Hyperthemia
- Falls in milk production
- loss of condition and tone

But also less visible impacts such as the increase of cells or even metabolic disorders.

Oxidative stress induces inflammation and the routing of nutrients to inflammation instead of benefiting animal growth.

1) Normal cell
2) Following a stress the cell is attacked by free radicals
3) Under pressure, the cell membrane bursts and releases highly corrosive enzymes into the tissue environment , causing an inflammatory reaction.


Stress Oxydatif


RESISTIM helps combat this oxidative stress with a specially formulated formula to support the natural defences of herds during periods of stress and high performance.

A complex of plants and complementary clays

  • It acts on the respiratory tract: Red Linden lowers fever and helps to decongest the nose during colds or irritation of the respiratory tract.
  • On digestive disorders: Rosemary promotes digestion, improves blood circulation. Invigorating and stimulating effect.
  • On the immune system: Echinacea strengthens the immune system by increasing the number and activity of white blood cells.
  • On inflammations: Onion for its anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Reduction of toxins with clays Clays:  absorb toxins and help regulate transit.



Chelated minerals and plant extracts. 

Our recommandations for use 

To be incorporated homogeneously into the ration for 5 consecutive days during the first week and then for 2 consecutive days the following weeks.

Farmer's testimony 

Vaches en stabulation

«After three weeks of using RESISTIM, the coughing symptoms have disappeared, no new mortality and my herd has increased by 1 liter of milk per cow per day»

Dairy farmer in Brittany