Vitalac expertise at the service of poultry feed

Vitalac offers its expertise and its field knowledge to allow poultry farmer to improve their profitability. Whether to define the ideal ration of poultry feed or propose premixes for poultry, Vitalac accompanies and advises poultry farmers in their activity and strategy.

Poultry feed adapted to farms

Vitalac place poultry feed wholesale at farmer’s disposal, no matter the type of farming: chickens, hens or even palmipeds. Good poultry feed is the guarantee of high quality production and profitability. Vitalac supports farmers by offering mixtures for laying hens, premixes and other inputs that are perfectly adapted to each farm. Save time and money by purchasing a large quantity of poultry feed.

Complements: minerals for poultry farms

Poultry farmers benefit from the advice of feed experts in order to improve the quality of their poultry feed. Thanks to its field knowledge, Vitalac can offers the best advices for your farm, whether you are breeding chicken, laying hen, duck, goose, etc.

A mineral-based ration supplement for poultry favours better production, for broilers or for laying hens. Calcium for hens, for example, contributes to the constitution of the eggshell and to the bone health of layers. An adapted complement thus makes it possible to obtain eggs of better quality, reducing the losses among the production.

With Vitalac, anticipate the critical stages of the bird life cycle with feed and supplements adapted to the animal needs. Improve your profitability and lower your veterinary expenses with Vitalac poultry feed.

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Premixes, MVS and concentrates

Premixes, MVS and concentrates

Poultry feed production in farm

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