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An expert in animal nutrition for more than 30 years, Vitalac offers its expertise and its field knowledge to allow poultry farmer to improve their profitability. Whether to define the ideal ration of poultry feed or propose premixes for poultry, Vitalac accompanies and advises poultry farmers in their activity and strategy. Develop a complete nutrition program for your poultry farm which is in line with your production and quality objectives and which follows the advice of veterinarians and other professionals.

Poultry feed adapted to farms

Vitalac place poultry feed wholesale at farmer’s disposal, no matter the type of farming: chickens, hens or even palmipeds. Good poultry feed is the guarantee of high quality production and profitability. Vitalac supports farmers by offering mixtures for laying hens, premixes and other inputs that are perfectly adapted to each farm. Save time and money by purchasing a large quantity of poultry feed. This is why it is important not to neglect this aspect of livestock farming. By providing all the nutritional requirements your poultry needs, you improve the profitability of your farm in a number of ways, including in particular:

  • Better quality eggs with stronger shells
  • Animals with an immune system which is more resistant to external attack
  • Improved digestion
  • More successful reproduction

Although the development of quality feed is a key element in animal husbandry, it is not always straightforward. In practice, poultry feed cannot be unplanned and needs to meet specific requirements This is why Vitalac supports farmers by offering combinations of premixes and other feed for laying hens which are adapted perfectly to each farm, as well as to your individual objectives.

Vitalac has developed premixes for poultry which enable the effective absorption of the vitamins, trace elements, enzymes and microelements needed for the birds’ bodies to function properly. These combinations are created from top-quality raw ingredients so that the feed performs as well as possible.

Complements: minerals for poultry farms

Poultry farmers benefit from the advice of feed experts to improve the quality of their poultry feed. Follow the recommendations of our veterinary nutritionists and establish together the most suitable feed to meet the specific requirements of your farm. Everything is done to meet the nutritional needs of your poultry, from chicks to laying hens, at the best price.

Sometimes the main diet of your chickens or poultry is not enough to satisfy the needs of your animals. A dietary supplement can then compensate for this nutrient deficiency. A mineral-based feed supplement for poultry helps to promote better production, both for broilers and laying hens. With Vitalac, you can identify areas for improvement on your farm and target a specific diet to address them.

For example, have you noticed an increase in egg breakage? Do the shells seem more fragile and does this result in increasing losses for your farm? Animal nutrition experts will be able to recommend a calcium-based supplement. Basically, calcium for hens, for example, contributes to the constitution of the eggshell and to the bone health of layers. An adapted complement thus makes it possible to obtain eggs of better quality, reducing the losses among the production.

Poultry supplements help to promote better production conditions on your farm. You can improve the laying rate, herd immunity and feed efficiency, etc. with minerals selected for their beneficial effect on the metabolism of chickens and poultry.

What are the advantages of Vitalac? You benefit from the advice of people in the field throughout, with tailor-made support for the gradual and efficient introduction of feed created in collaboration with our experts.

With Vitalac, anticipate the critical stages of the bird life cycle with feed and supplements adapted to the animal needs. Improve your profitability and lower your veterinary expenses with Vitalac poultry feed.

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Premixes, MVS and concentrates

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