Specialists in animal nutrition and health

Targeted animal feed

Vitalac, animal feed professionals for over 30 years, offer top-quality products to farmers, distributors and industrial clients. The company, based in Brittany, listens to its clients and provides them with advice and support along with their ranges of products and feed that meet all of their needs.

Do you farm cows, pigs or poultry? The Vitalac team are here for you. Animal health professionals in varied and complementary fields work together to propose innovative, personalised products that will contribute to the good health of your livestock. That means technical sales representatives, animal husbandry and nutrition experts and veterinarians designing custom solutions for your animals that are perfectly suited to your restrictions and your farming strategy.

Animal nutrition is one of the key factors for your farm, regardless of the type of animals you breed. Dairy, suckler or beef cows; piglets, sows or boars; laying hens or broiler chickens, each animal is unique and has its own specific needs when it comes to feed.

Vitalac’s custom products are tailored to the physiological stage and metabolism of each animal to help it reach its full potential. We work with data covering many different aspects on a daily basis, including nutrition, hygiene, immunity and disease prevention, for optimal feed efficiency for your animals.

Vitalac’s experts working towards your strategy

Do you want to boost the production of your dairy cows? Improve the health of your pigs? Manage the quality of the feed and water in your poultry houses? Vitalac’s experts are on hand to provide you with quality feed made in France.

For every stage in the life of your farm, every season, every physiological stage your animals go through, Vitalac will be there to give you what you need to power your success.

With 250 raw materials at their disposal, our animal nutrition specialists provide you with feed perfectly suited to your production, your farm, and its strategy.

Our research and development centre has placed us at the forefront of innovation in our sector and enables us to provide more than 200 new formulations each year.

Are you looking for feed for your animals? Look no further than Vitalac, a French company based in Brittany, a region renowned for its farming excellence. Discover Vitalac and our 30 years’ expertise in the field of farming nutrition in France and internationally.


Cattle feeding


A global and customised approach
meeting the needs
of each farmer.

Pigs feeding


Innovative solutions
which combine efficiency and profitability,
with custom options for farmers engaged in on-farm feed production.

Poultry feeding


A wide and renowned range
offering a selection of essential tools
for healthy and efficient livestock farming.


dedicated to designing your solutions
professionals at your bidding
raw materials
countries delivered around the world


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