The best pig feed with Vitalac

Vitalac offers its experience in pig farming feed. Producing animals in better health, more resistant to external threat, guaranteeing the hygiene of pig farming… there are Vitalac’s commitments alongside farmers by constantly innovating pig feed. Trust Vitalac as the best pig feed supplier. Vitalac is also known as an organic pig feed supplier, ideal for your organic pig farming.

Feeding gestating sow

Special care in feeding gestating sows is more important than ever for your pig farming. Sows have high nutritional needs to ensure a healthy gestation, and to be able to produce vigorous piglets of a satisfactory weight.

In order to limit the oxidative stress suffered by embryos, Vitalac has rethought the formulation of its pig feed. Thoughtful nutrition improves gestation, colostrum quality and piglet vigour.

Piglet feeding with Vitalac

Piglets must go through the weaning stage, which can be stressful and lead to a deterioration of their health. To prepare the weaning in the best way, Vitalac offers a range of pig nutrition products specially dedicated to this vital step.

Since piglet feed determines both the quality and quantity of meat produced, take advantage of safe and qualitative products for your pig farming. Healthier and stronger litter will help you improve the profitability of your farm.

Vitalac assists you by offering a large choice of products, for every step of the pig life cycle. Choose a feed for pig that meets the needs of your animals, thanks to Vitalac’s products which are produced in Brittany and strongly designed for pig farming.

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