Tower silo for cereal inerting

Tower silo for cereal inerting

Increasing numbers of farmers are storing and using their cereals on the farm to reduce their feeding costs.

Farm - silo tower

An inert grain maize has 4% higher nitrogenous matter digestibility and higher net energy than dry grain maize.

Tower silo for inerting cereals

Farmers can add value to part of their production by using cereal inerting. Thanks to a tower silo specially dedicated to cereal storage, the harvest is kept dry and can be used later for animal feeding. Discover the advantages of a Vitalac tower silo.

Equip your farm with a silo tower

With a rich experience of working with farmers, Vitalac has been offering the best inert storage solutions for farms, for more than ten years. Tower silo are perfectly adapted for on-farm food production. The offer of Vitalac tower silos makes it possible to preserve the nutritional qualities of wet cereals (corn, wheat, etc.) and even improve their palatability for animal feeding.

At the end of the harvest, thanks to a hermetic closure of the silo, the lactic fermentation of the grains consumes oxygen in a few hours. In return, it produces C02 and acidifies cereals: two natural phenomena that contribute to their conservation. A proven stainless steel cone ensures recovery, even with very wet corn (up to 45% of H20)

– Tower silos are made of glass-lined steel Kohimex and Morkus-Morava

– Silos Harvestore, are installed in partnership with the company Castel

What are the advantages of cereal inerting with a tower silo?

  • An accelerated harvesting work, one person is enough to fill the silo
  • The vertical tower silo is perfect to stock big volumes on a small surface
  • The cereals are well protected
  • 100 % automation of cereal recovery
  • Moderate final cost price

Silo Tower installation