Veterinarian, Head of Ruminant Products, Vitalac

Philippe Arzul, veterinarian,
Head of Ruminant Products, Vitalac

Adapted feeding for ruminant and cattle farms

Benefit from Vitalac’s expertise, which has been helping farmers for 30 years. As a Breton producer, Vitalac offers innovative products for ruminant nutrition. Teams of animal health professionals are at your service and help you choose the perfect ruminant feed formulation for your herd.

Ruminant feed formulation: made to meet specific needs

A cow’s nutritional needs are evolving during its life. A growing heifer will not require the same nutritional intake as an adult lactating cow. Adapt the diet of the dry cow or of the heifer with Vitalac feed and minerals. Find everything you need in Vitalac’s cow feed section.

Controlled feeding for greater productivity

A feed ration adapted to a dairy cow is the best way to obtain a greater quantity of milk per animal, allowing you to optimize the performance of your herd. Increase your gross margin with a better performing and healthier cattle thanks to a better nutritional intake. As a secondary effect: reduce veterinary costs.

Vitalac develops products formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your animals, to ensure cattle fattening at crucial stages such as growth or the dry period. It’s important to complete a dairy cow’s feed with specific minerals, especially after having a mineral review done on your cow’s feed ration.

Ration audit by Vitalac

Find a wide selection of products adapted to the hygiene and feeding of your cattle. Vitalac also offers you its expertise to evaluate the feeding of your dairy cows, in order to advise you and promote a better feeding efficiency for your herd.

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